Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Random Foot in Mouth Moments

This week started briliantly on Sunday when I got to meet up with some British Mummy Bloggers at the Rainforest Cafe. Thank you Susanna ( and Amy for organising this. I know everyone's said it much better than me already but it really was a fantastic couple of hours. It's why I love the Internet - you can make connections you'd never be able to make otherwise. And being surrounded by all these wonderful blogging men and women made me determined to get writing more frequently.

Unfortunately I'm so busy at work right now I can barely think straight. Here I am, it's Wednesday already and I really can't think of a single remotely interesting thought that I've had in the last few days. That is unless detailed technical insights into Oracle rock your world? No? Can't tempt you? You surprise me.

So instead I'm posting more randomness.

So I get out of the tube this morning and there are some charity collectors at the entrance to the station collecting for a charity to help the blind. One of the collectors obviously was blind or partially sighted as he held a white stick. This guy called out a greeting to another guy who had just arrived. Second guy responded with "Hi! Nice to see you!" That's funny right? If I'd said it I would be mortified obviously.

My favourite ever TV blooper was Dicky Davies, sports presenter (anyone remember him?) on live TV saying "And now let's go to the Cop Succer."

Thing2 once had a wormery as he's something of a bug fanatic. One day he found a huge centipede and decided to put it in the wormery too. He's something of a pedant about words and I overheard him explaining to Thing1 that he couldn't call it a wormery any longer as it now contained a centipede as well. He thought for a few moments then announced he was going to call it a buggery! Luckily I managed to persuade him to to remove the centipede!

Favourite saying of the week is by Thing2: "My life just gets better and better."

He's right too - it does - lucky bugger.

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