Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Time, Hormones and the Bastard Spots

I will be 43 next month. I'm quite happy with this. Life's good now - better than it has been. The last 10 years have contained the best and worst of times. Right now I feel good about where I'm at. Apart from my daily struggle with general parenting failure of course! Still, even that could be worse. I'm getting better and consequently beating myself up less. (Parenting angst - that's a whole post on its own)

However, the one thing about ageing that's really getting me down is the physical aspect - specifically hormones. Right now my body seems to be on a last-ditch effort to get any remaining eggs fertilised before I shrivel up all prune-like and enter the ranks of people who don't need to have sex anymore, evolutionarily-speaking.

So my libido is in overdrive. Which I would probably quite enjoy apart from the non-stop spots appearing all over my face rendering me about as attractive as - well, a spotty middle-aged person. On top of which my boobs, which have always been fairly hard to miss are now enormous. Not as enormous as they were 3 days after giving birth obviously but pretty large just the same. And I've always hated my large boobs.

Still, rampant sex-drive and large boobs I could probably just about cope with and frankly my husband thinks Christmas has arrived early. But the spots, THE SPOTS ARE SO DRIVING ME NUTS! I have two or three ALL THE TIME. Somebody, anybody, please give me some ideas. I've spent a fortune on skincare which is helping a bit but I'm at the end of my tether.

Having spent years off the pill on the grounds that I didn't want to take hormones on a regular basis, I'm now seriously considering discussing the pill or an IUD with my doctor. Would either of those help? The contraceptive aspect is also attractive as I'm well past the point where an accidental pregnancy would be ok. I know fertility declines with age and at 43 I should find it hard to get pregnant, but the way my body is behaving I think a pregnancy is easily possible. Plus my mum had me when she was 42 and my sister had her last child at 42 so as a family we've got form.

Has anyone got any ideas on what to try or experiences to share? Am I shallow caring so much about the spots? How long does this last? HELP!

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  1. Sorry no suggestions. I have the constant spots too. Annoying.